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Products and Services > Gold-Tin (AuSn) Solder bumping
Gold-Tin (AuSn) Solder bumping
Products and Services > Gold-Tin (AuSn) Solder bumping

Gold-Tin (Au/Sn) is the most widely used solder material for optical device packaging. Fionix offers Au/Sn solder bumping service by using vacuum deposition technique. The advantages of vacuum deposition are precise control of both thickness and composition. Deposition methods include co-deposition of Gold and Tin, Au-Sn alloy deposition, and Gold and Tin multi-layer deposition. Fionix also provides consulting service for UBM and Au-Sn solder system design.

- Thickness: < 5 um     
- Thickness control: < ± 10%    
- Typical Composition : Au(75)/Sn(25) wt.%    
- Composition control: < ± 2 %    
- User specified compositions are available

- Flip-chip bonding    
- PLC device packaging     
- MEMS packaging    
- Military/Aerospace components packaging

Au-Sn solder bump reflow on UBM

Au-Sn solder reflow on isolated UBM patterns