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Silicon V-groove
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Fionix offers silicon V-groove chips for fiber array block manufacturing and passive fiber alignment. We have 20 years of experience on silicon anisotropic wet etching using KOH and TMAH. Fionix’s long history and earned good reputation prove the quality of our silicon V-groove chips. The differentiation of Fionix’s V-groove chips comes from precision alignment technique of V-groove patterns on silicon wafer, minimum undercut for dimensional accuracy, and accumulated process data base. In some case, special additives can be added in the etching solution to meet with customer’s unique requirements.

The key parameters of V-groove chips:    
- V-groove width and pitch accuracies    
- Angle of V-groove sidewall      
- In-wafer and wafer-to-wafer uniformities    
- V-groove sidewall and bottom roughness.

- Fiber array blocks    
- Silicon photonics


Silicon V-grooves