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Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB)
Products and Services > Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB)

Silicon optical bench (SiOB) is used as a platform to align and fix passive and active optical components using machine assisted surface mount technologies. The advent of multi-lane transceivers adopted from 40Gbit/s optical modules requires surface mount assembly technologies that have been used in semiconductor assembly industries since many decades. This transition of optical components assembly technology is irreversible when we pursuit the improvement of transmission capacity beyond 100Gb/s.
Silicon optical bench comprises bonding sites for active and passive components, electrical inter-connections, and wire bonding pads. Assembly of components on the bench can be accomplished by passive and/or active alignment techniques. SiOB for the passive alignment scheme require more precision to the element’s mechanical dimensions and their relative positional accuracies among them. Semiconductor mass fabrication technologies based on photo-lithography, thin film deposition, and bulk micromachining prove the performance and cost effectiveness of SiOB. Fionix served variety of SiOB to diverse customers around the globe since its incorporation. Our service covers custom design, prototyping, and volume production.

Key building blocks of silicon optical bench(SiOB):
- Micro-mechanical alignment features; v-grooves, posts, vias, slots
- Alignment fiducials; fine metallization patterns or pits
- Bonding pads; Au/Sn solder bump for active or passive components
- Through silicon vias
- Thin film components: wire bonding pads, transmission lines, resistors, heaters

- Multilane transceivers (100 – 400GHz)    
- VCSEL and PD array    
- Coherent modules    
- Hybrid photonic integration    
- Sensors and actuators